Is ageism rampant in the car insurance sector?

Older people aren’t just waiting to die.

Modern elders want to take holidays, live life to the fullest, and make the most of their independence.

Unfortunately, businesses don’t always share this desire.

The most recent example brought to our attention is when one of our loyal Pension Times readers got in touch to tell us that NFU Mutual had refused to provide them with a car insurance quote.

The reason? You guessed it: their age!

Perhaps most shockingly, NFU Mutual had actually sent a letter, which has been seen by AgeGroup, to the customer in question, where they admitted they had made it “clear” that age was the reason they wouldn’t insure them.

Equally as shocking was a note from the insurer alluding to the Equality Act 2010 about informing people if age was the reason they wouldn’t insure them. Does this mean the UK’s laws are actually providing a simple backdoor for companies to practice ageism without recourse or accountability?

Discover the full story and what NFU Mutual told us when we got in touch with them at Pension Times.

Have you been affected by businesses openly practising ageism? Get in touch with us at to tell us your story.

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